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#Hilo High School PTP ItemEvidenceResource
1Record of AssessmentsPSAT, SAT, ACT, EOC, SBA, ASVABSelf, Counselor
2Report Cards3rd Qtr or most recentSelf
3TranscriptNon-Official CopySTARS, Counselor
4High School Graduation Requirement Checklist- completedCompleted in STARSSTARS
5Career Interest Survey (Results from Two Different Surveys)Saved into GoogleMFH/ACT/Google
6Career Search (Minimum of 3 career research results/information)Saved into GoogleMFH/Google/ASVAB
7Resume (Inclusive of References) & Cover LetterSaved into GoogleSelf/MFH
8Resume Evaluation - completed by an employer or teacherScanned and saved into GoogleSelf
9Reference/Networking ListGoogle FormSelf
10Sample Job ApplicationGoogle FormSTARS/MFH
11Job Interview Questions and SkillsGoogle FormSTARS/MFH
12Mock Interview Results and AssessmentGoogle FormSTARS
13List of Personal DocumentsGoogle FormSelf
III.Co- and Extracurricular Activities
14Clubs, Sports, Arts, Internships, Volunteer Activities, Community Service, etc.Certificates, LettersSelf
VI.Post High School Educational Planning
15College Search and Compare Worksheet (Universities and Vocational schools - Community, Liberal Arts, Career, and Technical colleges - minimum of 3 College Search results/information)Saved into GoogleMFH/Self
16College Visitations (attend minimum of 2)Google FormMFH/Self
17College Planning ChecklistGoogle FormMFH/Self
18College Application Checklist (Must be uploaded and included in PTP folder, even if not completed)Self
19Personal Statement (Use the Personal Essay Organizer to write essay)Google FormSelf
20Sample College ApplicationSaved into GoogleMFH/Self
21Scholarship Search (Minimum of 3 Scholarship search results/info)Saved into GoogleMFH/Self
V.Planning/Goal Setting/Self Assessment
22Post High School PlanGoogle FormSELF
23Post High School Plan ChecklistGoogle FormSELF
VII.Positive Work Behaviors/GLOs
24Awards, Commendations, Certificates, RecommendationsGoogle FormSELF
25Viking Code of Conduct/GLOsScanned and saved into GoogleSELF


Digital Submission: Share your PTP with your Counselor
1. Label all items using the specific names from the list above.
2. Label all evidence with name of item from list with 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C. ie: Record of Assessment 1, 2, …

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