Hilo High School
2017-2018 School Year

Fishing Club
Advisor:  Don Memmer
Fishing Club provides an opportunity for students interested in fishing to learn more about fishing and the skills needed to be a successful fisherman.


DECA is a co-curricular club through which students are given the opportunity to learn about marketing, starting their own business, getting involved in e-commerce, gaining an understanding of international business and leadership.

Key Club
Advisor:  Charlene Masuhara

Key Club Is a youth service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of east Hawaii.  The club’s objective is to have their members embrace a commitment to service to home, school and community through the core values of leadership, inclusiveness, character building and caring.

Leo Club
Advisor:  Todd Sato
Leo Club is sponsored by the Hilo Lions Club.  It is dedicated to providing leadership and opportunities to serve our community.  The club emphasizes Leadership, Equality, and Opportunity.
Advisor: Ryan Nakasato & Nyra Dee

Robotics Club’s aim is to increase student knowledge of robotics and perfect their skills in building and designing of ROVs and robots.  Anyone who is interested in robotics is eligible to join.
Website: http://www.hilovikingrobotics.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Team1378 | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hilovikingrobotics

Art Club
Advisor: Evan Jenkins
Landscaping Club
Advisor: Joseph Watts
Math League
Advisor: Tracey Fukushima
Math Club whose purpose is to promote enthusiasm for mathematics, brings students together through math competition and encourages the development of character and good sportsmanship.  Members review, practice, and are coached on various topics ranging from arithmetic to analytical geometry and teams are entered to compete in five meets against other high schools from the Big Island, culminating in an awards assembly that recognizes outstanding students and teams for their performance.
Science Club
Cynthia Tanaka

Science Club is more than an academic club as they also give back to the community by teaching others about what members have learned about science.  Members visit local elementary schools where they share interesting experiments where they look to instill in students the enthusiasm for science.

Future Health Professionals
Advisor: Karen Tada
Rainbow Friends Club
Advisor: Sharon Emery

Friends of Rainbow Friends, through fundraising and advocacy, supports Rainbow Friends, a non-profit sanctuary protecting, caring for and sheltering our four legged friends in times of need. The club’s goal is to educate people on the proper care of pets and to help the sanctuary.

Multicultural Club
Advisor: Valerie Decorte

Multicultural Club is committed to help students become aware of all the diverse cultures and traditions represented by the many students on our campus and to be accepting of each student’s different culture.

Japan Club
Advisor: Aya Shehata
Young Christians Club
Advisor: Serena Nishihara

Young Christians is a voluntary, student-initiated club and was created for the purpose of providing an environment of fellowship and encouragement for Christ-loving students at Hilo High.