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Class of 2025 Registration

Deadline: Friday, December 11, 2020
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Welcome to Hilo High School!
This school year, all your core classes will automatically be selected for you. If you are interested in taking any honors or accelerated classes, you will be able to select you intention on the registration form. Hilo High School will consult with your current school to determine qualifications.
Resources are available to help you decide which electives you are interested in taking, whether it is in Career & Technical Education, Fine Arts, JROTC and more! Click here or go to Electives Gallery to see content related to a program.
To begin your course registration process, begin by downloading the Course Catalog and Grade 9 Elective Sheet. Then, watch the following video:
Students who fail to turn in their registration forms will be scheduled by their counselors or the registrar with no option for change if they end up with courses that “were not asked for” or “they didn’t want or need.”
One of Hilo High’s learner outcomes is that students will “Act as responsible citizens in the community, state, nation and global  society.” With this in mind, students should make careful, thoughtful decisions during registration. In order to maximize classroom  learning and minimize disruption, students and parents should be aware that:
  • Schedule changes may be made for the following reasons: incomplete schedule, credit previously received for the course, incorrect level placement, course required for graduation, scheduling error (same course on the schedule), IEP/MP team decision, or extenuating circumstances.
  • Schedule changes are allowed during the first 2 weeks after the start of the first semester. Request for changes to second semester schedules may be submitted during the two weeks before and two weeks after the start of the second semester.
  • Once the schedule change period has passed, changes can be made only by administrative approval. The following will apply:
    • If a class change is approved after 50% of the class is completed, the student can only be placed in school service.
    • When a change is made within the same content area, the “drop teacher” will send the exit grade to the “add teacher.”
  • No schedule changes will be processed in the fourth quarter.

Question and Answers Live Stream

If you have a specific question that you would like answered right away, please email us at or Frequently asked questions will be brought up during the live stream on Monday December 7 from 5 - 6 PM or Tuesday December 8 from 6 - 7 PM.
Questions can also be submitted live through chat or by calling: (808) 313-5627 during the live stream.
Click here to watch on YouTube: