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Distance Learning Opt-In Form

Updated: 8/7/2020. Any previous forms are now invalid and must be completed again.
Notice (08/11/2020): This form is now available in multiple languages, please scroll down to the bottom to download them.
Attached is a PDF of the Hilo High School Distance Learning Opt-In Application. If your browser is compatible, you can fill it out digitally and print it directly from the website. Additionally, you can download it directly from the website to print and sign.


Parents are asked to print the form, sign it, and mail it to Hilo High School (556 Waianuenue Ave.)  or email the completed, digitally signed form to
A Hilo High School Counselor will be in touch with parents to discuss next steps within a few days of receipt of form.
Agreement is not official until approval is received by the Counselor, Principal, and Complex Area Superintendent.

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