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HERO Program (PBIS)

HERO System - Promotion of Positive Behavior

The HERO system is designed to recognize students for good behavior and to address areas for improvement. 

Students may gain points by exhibiting positive behaviors and “Viking Pride”.  Positive points opportunities are determined by a focus team and may or may not be announced.  Hero points are also redeemable for certain incentives such as access to a game/recreation room, front of the lunch line privileges, reserved parking privileges, raffle tickets for big ticket donations, and much more! 

Sample of Opportunities to Gain HPs

  • Wearing of school lanyard and student ID card 
  • Participation in School Dress Up & Spirit Days 
  • Participation in SA rallies and events 
  • Having breakfast or lunch at the school cafeteria 
  • Attendance to particular school/athletic events 
  • Caught Doing Good / Viking “Pride” elements
  • Attendance to the PTSA Open House with parent/guardian

School-wide Events that require HPs for participation

In addition to having paid their student fees, students must have a minimum amount of earned HPs in order to participate in the following events:  (Note: Additional events may be added to this list at a later date)

  • Winterball
  • Junior Prom
  • Senior Prom
  • Homecoming Dance

How else can students use their HPs?

Memories made throughout high school are priceless and will definitely carry on with students throughout their lives.   The following is a list of ways students may utilize their accumulated HPs toward making those special memories.

  • Game Room - Student Activities and Administration are working diligently to finalize a student game room.  HPs will be required for students to access this room and it’s amenities.
  • Student Lounge
  • Assigned student parking privileges
  • Front of Line privilege at cafeteria (Fast Pass)
  • Redeemed for Gift Cards
  • School Store credit
  • Raffle Tickets for items donated to Hilo High School

Class Hero Points (CHP)

While it is great to exhibit Viking Pride as individual students, it is of equal importance to showcase your excellence as an entire class.  Students will work side by side with their classmates in the classrooms, on athletic teams, and on many other projects throughout their years in high school.  Classes will be awarded CHPs based on competitions such as spirit cheers and participation in student dress up days.  

The class with the most accumulated Class Hero Points will be honored with “The Viking Sword” at the end of the school year!