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PTP (Personal Transition Plan)

All students must complete a Personal Transition Plan (PTP) as a requirement toward earning a high school diploma. The Personal Transition Plan is defined as an individually designed and custom tailored plan of action for each high school student to move successfully from high school to post-secondary and/or career venues. The plan will have the elements of goal attainment, identification of available resources, evidence to support the plan of action taken, and a self-evaluation component. The design of the PTP shall take into account that the student, parent, and school personnel have a shared responsibility in the development and execution of the PTP during high school. Students receive instructions on developing and maintaining their PTP in Transitions to High School course (grade 9), in Career Pathway Core courses, and in weekly STARS Advisory classes. Students who decide not to take the Transition to High School and/or Career Pathway Core courses are still responsible for submitting a Personal Transition Plan portfolio in their junior year.
As of June 2018, the PTP is now organized as a Google Classroom, with each component re-written as a Google Document.
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