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Homecoming 2021: Vikings Blast To The Past

Homecoming this year is themed: "Vikings Blast to the Past" Celebrating 115 Years. Homecoming is from November 2nd through 6th, 2021.
November 2, 2021 Time Travel Tuesday: Wear class shirts/colors
November 3, 2021 Way Off Course Wednesday: Wear wacky clothing
November 4, 2021 Throwback Thursday: Wear class decades
November 5, 2021 Future Forward Friday: Wear blue and gold
November 6, 2021 Game Day Saturday

Front Page News

11/28 - Lā Kūʻokoʻa | Hawaiian Independence Day

The Hawaiian Kingdom became an independent Nation state on November 28th 1843, with the leadership of Mōʻī Kamehameha the third- Kauikeaouli.  With the help of Timoteo Haʻalilo, William Richards, and Sir George Simpson who travelled to France, Europe and the United States,  Hawaiʻi became one of the the first non-European Nations recognized as an independent state in the world. This day became known as Lā Kūʻokoʻa or Hawaiian Independence Day.
11/28 - Lā Kūʻokoʻa | Hawaiian Independence Day Featured Photo

Incoming 9th Grade Class ZOOM Meeting

Mrs.Tillery, an HHS counselor, will be holding this meeting for incoming 9th-grade parents. During this meeting, we will go over registration guidelines and provide assistance for filling out the paperwork.
Incoming 9th Grade Class ZOOM Meeting Featured Photo

Transgender Awareness Week

This is an animated film titled "Kapaemahu." This story is based on the long-hidden history of four healing stones on Waikiki Beach placed there as a tribute to four legendary mahu who first brought the healing arts to Hawai'i.
Transgender Awareness Week Featured Photo

Tardy Notifications

Effective November 16, 2021, a Tardy Notification will be sent to parents or guardians for students late to class.
Tardy Notifications Featured Photo

2021 Hilo High Homecoming Recap

Recapping our amazing 2021 homecoming- Vikings Blast to the Past | Celebrating 115 Years! Thank you for your participation in this weeklong event, we hope you made great memories!
2021 Hilo High Homecoming Recap Featured Photo

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  • 514 Graduating Students
  • 145 Hours of community Service
  • 922 Scholarships Awarded yearly
  • 26 Donations of Computers yearly

Social Hub & Gallery

Luke smiles with his new intercom headset
Kanaka from the 2019 May Day Royal Court
Kara and Alyssa high five at the Christmas corners
Rad lookin' Brandon Hamamoto poses for the camera.
Hilo High Baseball pitcher throws a ball towards home plate. vimeo
Kanakas from the May Day Royal Court perform
Bandmaster Yvonne Yokoe
Students hold up their recognition certificates.
The 2019 May Day Court Queen performs
Timmy is focused on taking photos.
May Day 2019 cultural performers
Tahitian dancers perform at May Day Gallery Link
A man rides on a banana floatie.
Band students from the brass section.