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Message from Principal Dircks Regarding Vaping Consequences

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I hope this letter finds your family in good spirits and preparing to end the school year positively.

This year, the school has encountered numerous incidents where our students are vaping on campus.  Even more alarming is that some of this vaping is occurring within classrooms.

My message to the students is that purchasing, possessing, or using these vape devices are against the law (if) under 21 years of age.  Act 122, Session Laws of Hawaii, 2015 (HRS Chapter 321) clearly states that the minimum age to purchase these devices (as well as the oil substances placed within these devices) is 21 years of age.  If any Hilo High School student is found in possession or using these vape devices and/or oils while attending school, the student will face consequences as identified in Chapter 19 (Student Misconduct).  In that possession by anyone under the age of 21 is unlawful, the police may be notified if the offending student is a repeat offender.

If you have questions, please contact any Hilo High School administrator at (808) 313-5500.

Robert Dircks
Hilo High School

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