Graduates of the Class of 2019 raise their diplomas with pride!

Student Fee Collection & Schedule Pickup Day

      Hilo High School's Annual Fee Collection Day will be held on July 24, from 8am-2pm on the school's campus.

According to Student Activities Coordinator (SAC) Charlene Masuhara, parents and students will have the opportunity to:
  1. Receive information about class activities
  2. Sign-up to help at class activities
  3. Pay for Mandatory Annual Student Fees
  4. Receive student’s schedule
  5. Purchase an athletic card (optional) 

Transactions will be handled in separate rooms based on Class:
      1.  Class of 2020, Seniors: C121
      2.  Class of 2021, Juniors: C123
      3.  Class of 2022, Sophomores: C125
      4.  Class of 2023, Freshmen: Library

Room C127 is designated for:
  1. Yearbook Purchases ($50) optional
  2. Complete forms for bus transportation
  3. Complete Meal Subsidy applications

The outside area of the library will be used for creating Student Identification Cards. (New students or students who have lost their IDs).

Visit the Parent and Student Information Center in the upper patio to:

  1. Take a campus tour
  2. Speak to a Counselor
  3. Learn more about our PTSA
  4. Join the Hilo High School email group:
  5. Download the Hilo High School Moblle Application.
  6. Review our array of clubs and sports teams and complete interest form.
  7. Sign-up to help with Student Activities
  8. Enjoy refreshments donated by the Hilo High School PTSA

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SAC Masuhara at (808) 313-5523, or via email at

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