An aerial view of historic B-Building

Senior Mob Shot 2019-2020

Calling all Lions! 


Hey seniors, it is time for Senior Mob Shot. On Friday, September 6th, 2019 we will be taking our Mob Shot picture in the New Gym at Lunch Recess(11:15).

Like Mob Shots in the past, Signs may be made but please keep in mind these guidelines; posters must be at the dimensions of three feet in length by two feet in width, no loose or excess glitter (for cleaning purposes), and school appropriate. Flags may also be brought but will be subjected to the top of the bleachers.

 School dress code and rules will be applied, and if not followed you may be pulled from being in the picture with your class. So please keep posters, signs, flags, etc. school friendly, and show your Viking Pride Lions! See you on September 6th for Mob Shot.


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