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08/29/2019 KVIKS Bulletin


Aloha Vikings!

This is your K-V-I-K-S Morning Bulletin. My name is Keyna and here are your announcements for Thursday, August 29th, 2019!

Student Parking Lot - Off Limits

Students are reminded that the area designated as First Come First Serve Student Parking runs from the exit gate of our campus to the upper gate at the top of campus.  

All numbered parking stalls at Hilo High School are assigned to faculty and staff members.  After first submitting a “Hilo High School Student Parking Application” and receiving a student parking pass, students may utilize the Student Parking Stalls on the upper campus across the school cafeteria on a first come, first served basis.  Students who park illegally in any parking stall may have their cars cited and/or towed away at the registered owner’s expense. Public parking stalls are located along Waianuenue Avenue after the one way traffic pattern ends at 8:00am.

Once a student's vehicle is parked, they should expeditiously exit their vehicle and the parking area.  As per school policy, the parking lot is off-limits and students are not allowed to sit in and around parked cars or the parking lot(s) at any time.

Bus Pass Pickup

If you are waiting for a bus pass please come to the Main Office durring; Morning, first recess, lunch, or after school to pick it up. Starting Tuesday September 3rd all bus riders will be required to have a bus pass to catch the bus. 

Senior Parent Night:

Hey, Class of 2020 Seniors!  Listen up - this announcement is for YOU!  Remember that Senior Parent Night is Wednesday, September 4th @ 5:30pm in the Hilo High Auditorium.  Your parent or legal guardian MUST BE PRESENT in order for you to be eligible for the commencement ticket.  Parents who arrive more than 10 minutes late WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EARN THE TICKET. Please be sure to be on time!

Picture Taking Day for Yearbook: 

Aloha Vikings! It is time to plan on taking your portrait for yearbook! It will be held during your English class September 4th or 5th. You will be given an order form a week before if you would like to purchase a package, however to have your picture in the yearbook is free. Smile Vikings!

Senior Baby Pictures and Quotes:

Seniors! Do you have a baby picture that you would like in the yearbook? If so, send it by jpeg file to Mrs. Mant at her Viking email, or bring it to L-3 for scanning by August 30. Also, we have a google form to fill out for your senior quote. Quotes must be turned in by September 7th. Please be prompt.

Senior Mob Shot:

Attention Seniors! It is time to plan for your Mob Shot! Mob shot will be at the new gym, Friday September 6th at lunch recess 11:15. Dress code will be enforced and only appropriate signs will be allowed. Signs should not be bigger than three feet in length by two feet in width. Secure any glitter with glue and please don't bring a messy poster. Flags can be held in the top of the bleachers.  

Show your Viking pride Lions! 

New Scholarship Information:

Listen up, Seniors!  Scholarships are beginning to come in!  Come to A-1 to check out the Scholarship Binder and start earning money to put toward your college education.  Here are the first 3:

The Gromet Foundation Scholarship - eligible students have a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher, and can show significant financial need.  Scholarship awards are $2,000 for attending a college in Hawai'i, and $5,000 for attending a college in the mainland. Applications are available in A-1.  Deadline to mail complete applications is October 10, 2019.

The Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarships - multiple scholarships with varying eligibility criteria. Applications are submitted online at Come to A-1 for more information. Deadline to submit online application with all components is February 15, 2020.

The Elks Most Valuable Student scholarship contest is open for applications online.  Deadline to submit online application with all components is November 5, 2019. 



 Welcome back students!

 We are thrilled to have many

 colleges eager to visit with us!

Colleges such as:

Western Oregon University,

  Pacific University of Oregon, 

 Swarthmore College,

and many more!

Please come and see Ms. Lawrence,

 in Rm. A-1 to sign up to

 get your pass to attend any of

 these informative college presentations

 you may be interested in.

 See you soon! 

Welcome back students!

We are thrilled to have many colleges eager to visit with us!

Speech Showcase:

Want to know what speech is all about, and maybe want to try it out this year? Come to a Speech showcase and workshop given by Parker school teacher and students. Join us on Friday Aug 30 at 4:30 in R13, Mrs. Laliberte's room. It will be fun and very entertaining!

Hilo High Taiko Group Signups:

Konnichiwa! Hilo High Taiko group is accepting new members now through Friday, August 30. The practice days are Wednesday and Fridays.  If you are interested in learning how to play Taiko drums, please go to see Shehata Sensei for details. Arigato gozaimasu!

Japan Club Meeting and Club Dues:

Ohayou Gozaimasu Japan Club Members,

We will be having a Meeting this Friday, August 30th during lunch, the meeting is mandatory so please be present.  Please also note that club dues are due this friday, and friday is the LAST day to pay, any money after that WILL NOT be accepted.

Arigatou gozaimasu

Art Club Signups:

Hi Vikings, if you signed up or are interested in Art Club, please come to our meetings on Tuesday's during lunch recess in Ms. Eberly's room in BB101. We also hold work sessions every Wednesday and even Fridays from 1:10-3 pm in Ms. Eberly's room. See you there!

Here is today’s menu.

For Wiki: Ham & Cheese Roll or Cereal and Whole Grain Toast, Pineapple, and an Orange

For Lunch: CHICKEN PATTY in a WHOLE GRAIN BUN, Veggie Sticks with dip, Baked Beans, and an Orange

This concludes today’s announcements.

Have a great day Vikings!


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