Hilo High Students attend 31st Annual Pamantasan Conference

About the Pamantasan Conference

Hawai'i Community College is proud to host the 31st Annual System-Wide 2019 Pamantasan Conference. The Pamantasan Conference signifies the important role that Hawaiʻi Community College, our sister institutions, and our community play in advancing the aspirations of Filipino students and their higher learning experiences. This year's conference theme is SULONG! SULONG!, which means to move forward or advance. Conference topics will focus on Filipino education gaps and action steps to address the needs of Filipino students in the UH System. In commemoration of October's Filipino American History Month (FAHM), the conference will include a student track focused on Filipino history and culture topics and recognize unsung heroes in the UH System who have contributed significantly to Filipino student achievement in Hawaiʻi.
https://hawaii.hawaii.edu/node/1388 Source: 2019 UH PAMANTASAN CONFERENCE
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