"Shy Girl" PBS Hawaii HIKI NŌ Story

HILO, HI - Hilo High School is proud to announce that a story produced completely by students will be airing on PBS Hawaii this week as part of their HIKI NŌ program.
HIKI NŌ is the first and only weekly student news show with a statewide network of schools. Under their teachers’ guidance, students from 90 public, private and charter schools from across the islands share stories from their communities to Hawai‘i and the world.
Hilo High School participated in the inaugural season of HIKI NŌ in 2011, and since then has submitted a handful of stories. Recently, Hilo High School returned to full participation after a 4 year hiatus.
This accomplishment is no small feat. In order for a story to be shown live on PBS Hawaii, this means that the students successfully completed the rigorous HIKI NŌ process of revising their story until it met national PBS standards for journalistic integrity, production values, technical specs and effective storytelling. Along the way our students gained experience in collaboration, critical thinking, creative problem solving and other skills that will prepare them for the “real world.”
The HIKI NŌ Story, "Shy Girl" was produced by KVIKS TV students after attending a summer workshop held by a core group of teachers. The story focused on current junior Jodi Ortiz and her struggle to overcome shyness as a freshmen.
This story will be viewed by audiences across the state on PBS Hawai`i and around the world on pbshawaii.org/hikino.