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02/18/2020 KVIKS TV Morning Bulletin

Attention Hilo High School!. We warmly welcome a new member of our Viking ohana! Starting today, Mrs. Jasmine Urasaki will take over the position as Principal for Hilo High School!
A life-long Hilo resident, Mrs. Urasaki began her career in education at Waiakea High School, as a teacher. After earning certification as a school administrator, she served in leadership roles as Vice-Principal of the Waiakea High, and Principal of Hilo Union & Waiakea Elementary Schools.
We certainly appreciate our interim Principal, Erin Williams and interim Vice Principal Kumu Awapuhi for their excellent work for us since January.
Once again we warmly welcome Mrs.Urasaki to Hilo High School!

Aloha Vikings

This is your K-V-I-K-S Morning Bulletin. 

My name is Joseph and here are your announcements for Tuesday, February 18th, 2020.

Looking for Apple or Android Coders!

Are you interested in Coding? Perhaps you want to learn how to code? Hilo High School is looking for students who are interested in joining our School Design App Development Team. The app will be made using Android Studio and Apple XCODE. This app that is being developed has the potential to be used by many people, outside of Hilo High! Again, if you are a coder, and want to take up a challenge, or be a part of something greater, please see Mr. Jacob Shon in C-127 or any Tech in C-117. Anyone who wants to learn is available to join this project as well!


HERO Point Opportunity!

Do you want to earn more HERO points? You can earn FIVE! Yes, 5 HERO points for doing after-school HI 5 recycling here on campus! Go to Ms. Crowl's room to signup in advance to do an after-school recycling shift. ALL students can participate and you DON'T have to belong to any clubs! On-campus HI 5 recycling is a Global Action Project by the Hilo High Pacific and Asian Affairs Council.

Class of 2021 Lunchtime PTP Work Sessions

Hey, Juniors in the class of 2021!  In addition to working on your PTP during STARS, we will be starting to hold Lunchtime PTP work sessions every Monday and Wednesday for the rest of this quarter in A-1.  You do not need to sign up for a session - just borrow a chromebook from a nearby classroom and come in to work. There will be 7 lunch sessions between now and the end of the quarter, for the exact dates, please visit the Hilo High School website. Please remember that your PTP is due in May of this year.  You can do this, Juniors! Be the first class that is actually done with the PTP before Senior year!

Commencement Ushers

Listen up, Juniors in the Class of 2021!  Are you interested in serving Hilo High School by helping out with Commencement as an Usher?  Please see Mrs. Frias in A-1 by Friday, February 21st to be considered. 24 Ushers will be selected based on attendance records, GPA, and school discipline records.  Serving as a commencement usher is a big commitment, and we are looking for students who are responsible and hard working. Let’s make this year's commencement ceremony another great one!

Banyan Drive Clean-up

Hey class of 2023 Freshmen! Your class will be having a Banyan Drive Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 4th starting at 8am! If you are interested in helping, please see Ms. Switzer in B-45 or Mr. Finley in BB-302. At least 25 students are needed in order to make this possible. The deadline to join is March 1st.

KVIKS will be back after these messages.

New Scholarships available in A-1 for Seniors!

Hey Seniors, there are plenty of new scholarships available in A-1 such as:

Hilo Lions Club Scholarship - $500 - due April 10, 2020

Hawaii Education Association Scholarship for students who are related to HEA members - $2,000 - due April 1, 2020

For a full list of new scholarships, go to the Hilo High School Website, hover over News, and select: College/Career


UH Manoa College of Social Sciences - Friday, February 20, 2020 @9:00 am(Pd.1)

Clinical Laboratory of Hawaii - Thursday, February 27, 2020 @8:45 am(Pd.1)

Paul Mitchell in Honolulu - Thursday, March 5, 2020 @1:15 pm(Pd. 7)

Cal Poly State University - Tuesday, March 24, 2020 @1:15 pm(Pd. 7)

Northern Arizona University - Wednesday, April 1, 2020 @10:00 am(Pd.4)

Come to Room A-1 to sign up and pick up your pass. See you then!

Here is today’s menu.

For Wiki:

Pizza Stick or

Cereal & WG Toast


Fruit Cocktail

For Lunch:




Corn/Sliced Carrots


This concludes today’s announcements, have a great day Vikings!

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