Distance Learning and Enrichment Packets FAQs

Updated: 4/9/2020


Question: Will these assignments be graded?
Answer: According to HIDOE, Work packets will not be graded, but many teachers are identifying unique ways to provide feedback to students. As self-directed learners, our students are encouraged to complete their enrichment assignments to the best of their ability. They will be crucial to assist the teacher with deciding their final grade.
Question: What determines a student's final grade?
Answer: Teachers will use their professional judgement to decide if a student passes or fails a course. This decision will be made based on previous quarters' grades, and the proficiency of their enrichment work.

Distance Learning

Hilo High School has determined that teachers will be available for instruction on Monday for EVEN periods and Tuesday for ODD periods. On these days, Teachers may either distribute assignments in advance and be available for questions, or hold teleconferencing per period with their students using either CISCO Webex or ZOOM. Parents, please be aware of the capabilities of these teleconferencing systems and monitor that these provisions are not being abused.
Question: HELP! I don't know how to access Zoom!
Answer: Please refer to our knowledge base here: https://ohana.hilohigh.org/m/95535/c/322664
Question: Will teachers be sending electronic/enrichment assignments every day/week?
Answer: Teachers will send assignments at their own discretion.
Question: Will parents receive an email of the electronic assignments?
Answer: No. The system in place takes place between the individual student and teachers.
Question: How will my student receive electronic assignments?
Answer: Students will be directly sent assignments through either email or Google Classroom from their teacher through their @viking.k12.hi.us account.
Question: When are assignments due?
Answer: Due dates are set at a teachers discretion.
Question: My student forgot their credentials to @viking.k12.hi.us
Question: My student does not have access to internet or technology, will something be provided for them?
Answer: If your student does not have access to such technology, they can select NONE on both technology questions on the Technology Readiness Survey. However, if this is found out after the fact, please contact the school by email: [email protected]
Question: My student is struggling to do assignments on their devices, can they switch receiving paper enrichment packets for all their teachers?
Answer: Yes, please contact the HHS Main Office at (808) 313-5500 or email: [email protected]
Question: My student has access to Internet and Technology, would they receive a physical enrichment packet too?
Answer: If one of their teachers are not providing an electronic provision, they will most likely be preparing a physical one. Although your student may primarily receive enrichment through electronic means, they will still receive a packet for the teachers that opted to use only paper.
Question: My student doesn't have a computer, will Hilo High School provide one?
Answer: Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Please ask your student's counselors if a provision can be made available to your student. Certain requirements must be met to qualify for a computer and approval is at the discretion of the Hilo High Technology Department. Requirements include a signed Technology Responsible Use Form.

Paper Enrichment Packets

Question: When will paper packets be available?
Answer: Beginning on April 8, 2020.
Question: What time can I come to pick up the packet?
Answer: Between 8 AM - 10:30 AM and 2 PM - 4:30 PM
Question: Will parents/students be notified that a packet is available for pickup at the Hilo High School main office?
Answer: We will be using SchoolMessenger to send reminders to parents through phone and email weekly. Packet pickup is designated for Wednesdays only.
Question: What happens if a parent does not pick up a packet?
Answer: To Be Determined.
Question: Are paper packet assignments to be returned to Hilo High School?
Answer: Until further notice, please do not return paper assignments. However, to show progress to teachers, it is recommended that assignments be scanned and emailed back to teachers directly.


Question: I am not receiving the automated phone calls or emails from Hilo High School
Answer: Calls and emails are sent to phone numbers and emails listed for guardians listed on the school emergency card. Please contact the HHS Main Office at (808) 313-5500 to learn how to change contact information.
Question: If I have any questions, who do I contact?
Answer: Please call the HHS Main Office at (808) 313-5500, leave a message if there is no answer. You can also email: [email protected]

Technology Readiness Survey

Question: I was sent an email or phone call asking to take the Technology Readiness Survey at hilohigh.org/distance. Do I have to keep submitting a response every time?
Answer: No. Only one response per student is required. If you received an email or phone call from our school messenger system, please know it was sent to all parents and students, not just yourself.