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Instructions for Oiwi E Video Submissions (May 2020)

Link to this page:

You will need at least two devices and a pair of headphones. Using one device, open up the following video and follow the prompt. Press record when you are told to, clap your hands to help synchronize the video, then sing along with the musical soundtrack!
Can multiple people appear in the video?: YES! If other minors appear in the video, be sure to get your parents permission before submitting a video.
Video Backdrop - Well-lit area with a neutral background such as an empty wall, or front/backyard. The face of the performer(s) must be visible.

How do I hold my phone/camera? - Please record or take the video horizontally or landscape, do not capture vertically. No special effects or filters are allowed.

How should I be framed? - You should be standing or sitting in the center of the video, from at least their head and torso. Full body videos are acceptable as well.
When will the completed video be live? - Friday, May 8, 2020

Submissions due by Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Either email the video to or Click here to submit the video through Google form

Need Help? Contact the KVIKS TV Help Desk!

If you have questions or require technical assistance, please txt or call: (951) 254-7909. You will be prompted to say your name at the beginning of the call. If the call goes straight to voicemail, please leave a message for us. If we do call you back, it may be from our California (951) 254-7909 phone number, or a local 808 area code phone number.

Help Desk Technicians: Reynard Galdones, Luke Eclipse-Ujano from Hilo High School Communications

Standard Texting and Voice Calling Rates apply.
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