Theme for SY 20-21: Vikings Strong Together, Loyalty and Honor Forever

Apply for Meal Benefits (Free/Reduced Lunch)


  • Receive discounted lunch price daily.
  • Allow the school to receive additional funds to support students and programs if meal applications are submitted by September 29, 2020

How Do I Apply?

WEBSITE to submit Meal Applications electronically:
1 - Select HAWAII as State
2 - Enter HAWAII as District
3 - Proceed with questions and submit application

Applying for Meal Service
Families are able to apply for Free and Reduced-Price Meal Benefits online. For families without access to the internet, paper applications will be available at the school office. Students will keep their previous years' status for the first 30 operating days of the school year. However, a student status will change once a new application is submitted and approved/disapproved.

As a reminder, families are encouraged to apply at any time during the school year if their financial situation changes.


Paying for Meal Service
Families are encouraged to utilize the EZschoolpay meal system for online payments. Families with no access to the internet will continue to pay for their meals by submitting payments at the school office. 



If your child(ren) received meal benefits in SY 19-20, it will expire on September 29, 2020

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