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Lōkahi | Enjl Himoya

These uncertain times have shaken the traditional framework of our society, which is why service and cooperation within the community are needed more than ever. Our actions must be influenced by the spirit of Lōkahi. Lōkahi was the guiding principle that powered the Ancient Hawaiian society, as they worked steadfastly in creating a thriving community.
Practicing Lōkahi requires us to listen. Especially during times like these, it's most important that we take heed to the advice of our peers and must not rely squarely on knowledge based on self-understanding. No challenge is too difficult if we work alongside each other with a common vision for the future of our community. Students, this is our time to settle any differences we may have against each other and focus our efforts on recognizing the importance of creating a united front as we battle to secure our future and for generations to come.
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