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Take the Federal Impact Aid Survey Online

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to take the survey online.

Click here if you need assistance logging in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

The Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) would like to extend its appreciation to Hilo High School for participating in HIDOE’s pilot project of the online collection of Federal Impact Aid Survey cards. This will provide households with students at Hilo High School with the ability to complete the Federal Impact Aid Survey through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  Moving towards an online, paperless system will promote efficiency and accuracy of data collection.

Federal Impact Aid is designed to assist local school districts who have lost revenue due to Federal properties exemption from local property taxes. Financial assistance is determined by calculating the concentration of students who: reside on military bases, low-rent housing properties, Indian lands, and other Federal properties; or have parents in the uniformed services; or have parents employed on eligible Federal properties.


Hawaii's Impact Aid funding is determined by the number of eligible parents/guardians who complete the survey form.  Hawaii Public Schools benefit from $35-$45 million a year in Federal Impact Aid thanks to all the families who complete surveys each year. We need your continued support to complete the survey.


Beginning October 14, 2020, parents/guardians can log into the Infinite Campus Portal and complete the Impact Aid survey.  Please note that Hilo High School is participating in this online pilot project but other schools may not be.  Parents/guardians who have children at different schools who are not conducting the Federal Impact Aid survey online must complete paper surveys that are sent home via other schools.  Federal funding is allocated on a per student basis.


Parents/Guardians will be able to submit their Federal Impact Aid Surveys online via Infinite Campus Parent Portal from October 14, 2020 through December 4, 2020.  If you do not already have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account, please contact your student’s counselor or our PCNC at (808) 313-5658 for access information and instructions.  Access to the parent portal is also available via the Campus Parent app for any Apple iOS or Android device.


If you are unable to complete the online Federal Impact Aid Survey by December 4, 2020, please contact the school at (808) 313-5500 for a paper survey.

Impact Aid from HIDOE - Video Production Branch on Vimeo.

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