Hawai'i Department of Education Religious Accommodation for Covid-19 Vaccine Memo

Hawai'i Department of Education

Religious Accommodation for COVID-19 Vaccine Memo

  • All student-athletes parent(s)/guardian requesting a religious accommodation MUST complete this form and submit the form directly to DOE Civil Rights Compliance Branch Equity Specialist Dee Sugihara at [email protected].
  • ALL accommodation requests will be decided by the CRCB and NOT by the school itself. The CRCB will be contacting each parent/guardian directly for additional information prior to making a determination. Once a determination is made by CRCB, CRCB will notify the school as well as each family of the decision.
  • ALL CRCB religious accommodation decisions will be FINAL and there will be NO appeals process regarding the decision. If a religious accommodation is granted, each student-athlete will have to provide two negative covid tests per week. Test results must be submitted to the athletics head coach or to the athletic director.
  • Failure to stay up to date with two weekly negative covid tests will result in student-athletes being prohibited from participating in athletics until test results are brought back up to date.