01/04/2022 KVIKS News Bulletin



Happy New Year Vikings! This is K-V-I-K-S, signing on for your morning news. My name is Clara, and here are your announcements for Tuesday, January 4th, 2021. Today’s periods are 1, 3, 5, and 7.

Please stand for the Hilo High School alma mater.

[Alma mater plays]

Thank you. You may now be seated.

Here’s what’s new Vikings:

Yearbook Photos

Aloha Vikings! If you missed taking your portrait picture with Reed Takaaze but still want to be in the yearbook, you have until this Friday, January 7th, to send Mrs. Mant your jpeg photo or go to her classroom during lunch recess to take your picture. Please send your photo to [email protected].

KVIKS Media General Meeting

On January 6th, 2022, in room C-215, there will be a general meeting during lunchtime for KVIKS Media members at 12:30pm. Please be prompt.

In case you missed it vikings…

Pre-Season Judo Conditioning

Boys & Girls Judo Voluntary Pre-Season Conditioning will start January 5, 2022 from 4pm to 6pm in the Lower Patio. Anyone interested in joining the only high school sport that’s also a Martial Art? Want to participate in an individual sport but still feel the comradeship and bond of a team sport? Judo is one of the few high school sports where you could be the next BIIF Individual Champion as well as part of a league championship contender team. Come by and sign up! In order to join, you must have a completed and current physical/consent form. You also will need proof of vaccination or an approved exemption. Please note that with an approved exemption, a negative test result must be submitted to the head coach twice a week to participate. Thank you! 


Here is today's - menu.

For Wiki: Mini Pancakes, Mixed Fruit, and Craisins

For Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza, Green Salad or Veggie Sticks, Hummus, Fruit Juice, and Fresh Fruit

If you missed any of these announcements, please visit the Hilo High School website at hilohigh.org. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @hilohighschool. Check out our website as well, kviks.org. This concludes today’s announcements. Have a great day vikings! [PAWS]