eSports at Hilo High School! - Super Smash and League of Legends

How's it goin' gamers?
Thank you for your interest in participating with Hilo High School HHSAA eSports.
We will need parental permission, so once you fill it out, we will be reaching out with school permission forms, etc.
Commitment to eSports is similar to traditional sports, there will be practice sessions and game days, and your attendance is mandatory. If you are unable to commit, do not fill out the form. If you are already registered in PlayVS and are unable to commit to a team, let me know and I will remove you from the roster.
There is a participation fee of $64. This fee allows you to participate in both League of Legends and Smash Ultimate simultaneously. If you come from a family of hardship and are unable to pay the participation fee, don't worry about it for now, just sign up.
On game day, Super Smash Ultimate Players are required to provide their own controllers, a Nintendo Switch Console and game will be provided at the school for game day and practice. Having your own console and game is preferred so that you can refine your skills from home.
On game day and at practice, League of Legends players should provide their own laptops, if you do not have access to this technology, we will attempt to provide for you.
League of Legends is a five-player team and can include substitutions. Matches will be 5v5 in Summoners Rift. Game day is on Tuesday at 4 PM. Link to rule book:
Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a three-player team and can include substitutions. Matches will be 1v1 on select maps. Game day is on Wednesday at 4 PM. Link to rule book:
If you have any questions, please email [email protected]