Future Entrepreneurs Invited to Summer Start-Up Camp on Hawaii Island

Nalukai is a free intensive social, cultural, and commercial entrepreneurship and leadership design program for Hawai'i high school students. Each student is provided with guidance from industry leaders, innovative educators, and cultural practitioners who help students craft their own startups and pitch their ideas to an audience of venture capitalists, peers, and local business owners at the end of the camp. And best of all, when students are accepted into the camp (via a thorough application), the costs of the program are covered by a full scholarship. Also, all students receive a laptop that they will be able to take home after camp in order to equip our 'Founders' with a powerful tool to help them build out the ventures they conceptualize while they are at Nalukai.
The program will run for ten days this summer, from July 7th to 16th, 2023. The application can be accessed at Nalukai.org. Student applications are due by April 2nd, 2023 and recommendations (at least one required for each student) by April 10th, 2023. 

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