“Manu! Not Mosquitos” - Free Workshop for Hawaii Island High Schoolers

Manu! Not Mosquitos” is a FREE, one-day STEAM Intensive workshop for all High Schoolers on Hawai’i Island.

  • WHO: High school students on Hawai’i Island, Wahine, and NHPI students encouraged to apply! Featuring presentations and activities by: Luka Zavas (American Bird Conservancy), Mamo Waianuhea (UH Mānoa), Stephanie Mladinich (UH Hilo-LOHE Lab), Lisa Mason (UH Hilo-LOHE Lab), Kaleiheana-a-Pōhaku Stormcrow (The Pueo Project, UH Mānoa-Price Lab)

  • WHAT: One Day Workshop

  • WHEN: Saturday, March 11, 2023

  • WHERE: The University of Hawai’i at Hilo (in-person)

  • APPLY: Signup here https://tinyurl.com/bdvjsrzw