05/04/2023 KVIKS News Bulletin



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On todays’ bulletin, Yearbook, HOSA, and NHS. Coming up next! 


HOST: Aloha Vikings! This is your K-V-I-K-S News Bulletin. I’m Kalani and today’s date is Thursday, May 4th, 2023. The periods are 1-3-5-7

KVIKS General Meeting

KVIKS Members, we will have a general meeting today, May 4, 2023 at C-215. Please be prompt!


Also, if you are interested in attending the Gala/Senior Celebration, don’t forget that you have till this Friday, May 5, 2023 to turn in your payment. Mahalo!


Aloha Freshmans! Please pick up your yearbook today, May 3rd, during lunchtime. Bring your I.D. and/or receipt if you pre-paid for your book. If you did not pre-pay, you can buy one for $50 cash. Mahalo!


Aloha HOSA Club Members, there will be a meeting tomorrow, May 5, 2023 during lunch in Mr. Assi’s room (L-2). Hope to see you there!


National Honor Society Members.We will have a meeting on Monday May 8, 2023 during LUNCH in Rm. R13. All members are expected to attend.

KVIKS will be back after these messages.

[VIDEO] PALC #2 - Elijah & Zion - to broadcast May 2, 3, & 4

Elijah: Aloha Hilo High School. The Performing Arts Learning Center is excited to bring Disney’s Moana Jr. to the Hilo High Auditorium stage THIS WEEKEND! 

Zion: (Enter Zion)

Oh, are you talking about  MY show this weekend? The one where I’m Maui and I’m awesome and save mankind …AGAIN?

Elijah: Yes, I was just telling them that it is a great show they won’t want to miss. Tickets are on Sale Tuesday 3-5pm, Wednesday 1:30-5pm at the auditorium and at the door for just $5.

Zion: $5 what a deal! The shows on Friday and Saturday are at 7pm 

Elijah: And don’t forget the Senior Show is on Sunday at 2pm

Zion: If you are interested in joining P.A.L.C. next year, we are having a free preview show on May 4th at 4pm. Come see our final dress rehearsal for free, and stay for a Q & A after the show with cast and crew. 

Elijah: If you are interested in singing, dancing, technical theater, lighting, sound engineering, or acting, we would love to get you involved with the  Performing Arts Learning Center next year.  

Zion: Sign Up using the QR code on our posters or email [email protected] with any questions. 

Both: See you there!

Aloha Week: 

Aloha Vikings! Let's celebrate our Aloha Week from May 8 - 12 in honor of our May Day Hō’ike coming up. Our theme this year is "Like nō i ka la'i o Hanakahi," which means “We are all same in the calm of Hanakahi." Here's a rundown of the exciting events we have planned for our Aloha Week:

Monday is Celebrating Diversity Day. Show off YOUR cultural pride by wearing traditional attire or clothing that represents your heritage.

Tuesday is International Flavors Day. Join us for an international food walk during lunch in front of the auditorium, where you can sample different cuisines from around the world. 

Wednesday is Games Without Borders Day. Come to the front of the auditorium during lunch to play games from our different cultures.

Thursday is the Global Celebration of Music Day. During lunchtime, listen to the harmonies from around the world in front of our auditorium.

AND Friday is Aloha Friday! Dress up in your best aloha attire and join us for the May Day LOT rally just for our school! Later that evening, with a ticket purchase, you can come and watch the May Day Hoike Night Show, featuring new performances open to the public to enjoy. 

HOST: Here is today's - menu. 

For Wiki: Cereal and Toast, Applesauce, and Fresh Fruit

For Lunch: Chicken Tenders, Steamed Rice, Corn or Edamame, Sliced Peaches, and Pineapple Chunks


Thank you for watching. Find more announcements and watch the bulletin again at hilohigh.org or download the mobile app. Follow @hilohighschool on Instagram and Facebook. This concludes today’s announcements. Have a GREAT DAY Vikings! 

Other Announcements

Dartmouth College

Aloha, Vikings! This week we are excited to host Steve Abbott from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire on Thursday, March 4th @ 10:00 am during pd 3. If you are interested in learning more about this Ivy League College, see Mrs. Frias in N-103 to sign up and pick up a pass for his presentation.

Pancit/Noodle Fundraiser

Aloha Vikings! E-A-C is holding a Pancit/Noodle fundraiser. Presale is happening now. Pre-sales tickets are only $8 dollars!! Come get your ticket at Ms. Izawa and Ms. Carey’s at room (C-125), Ms. Baum (C-123), or Ms. R (C-217). Thank you! Have a great day.


Aloha Vikings! The yearbook distribution starts this week during lunchtime. Seniors please pick up your yearbook today during lunch. Juniors will be tomorrow May 2nd. Sophomores, Wednesday, May 3rd, Freshman Thursday, May 4, and lastly, Friday May 5 all students can come to L-5, upstairs in Mrs. Mant’s room. Bring your I.D. and/or receipt if you pre-paid for your book. If you did not pre-pay, you can buy one for $50 cash on your classes’ day, until we are sold out. Mahalo!

[VIDEO] Class of 2026

Attention Class of 2026! Do you want to show off your creativity and love for our class? Well, here's your chance! We are excited to announce the Class of 2026 T-Shirt Design Competition! 

This event is all about promoting class pride and student involvement. We want YOU to be a part of the process! Whether you're an artist or not, we encourage all students to participate. The competition will take place from May 1st to May 7th, giving you plenty of time to come up with your best design.

The winning design will be featured on a limited edition Class of 2026 merch item and the winner will receive a free Class T-Shirt for next year! 

So, get creative! Remember, the design must be based on our class mascot which is the black and gold tigers. You can create your design on paper or through the custom ink website, both of which can be found on the handout provided during STARS. Details about how to submit your design will be included in the handout.

If you're interested in being a part of the judging committee, come to our class council meeting on May 4th. And don't forget to follow our Instagram page @hilohigh2026 for more updates and information.

Let's make this competition one to remember!

In Case You Missed it Vikings!

KVIKS followed Zachary Masuyama around for a day to learn more about the Life of a Battalion Commander. To read the article, go to hilohigh.org, and select News and scroll down to find and access the article.