05/23/2023 KVIKS News Bulletin



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On todays’ bulletin Lunar and Meteorite Sample, Yearbook, and Class T-shirt. Coming up next! 


HOST: Aloha Vikings! This is your K-V-I-K-S News Bulletin. I’m La’i and today’s date is Tuesday, May 23, 2023.The periods are 1-3-5-7                                                                   


Aloha Class of 2024! You will be seniors next year! That means that you will have a big part in our yearbook and you can start preparing over the summer. We will need your senior portrait, senior quote, baby picture and the optional senior ad! Please follow Hilo High Yearbook on instagram and look for announcements on our website under Yearbook. There, you will find links with all of this information. Still have questions? Please email Mrs. Mant at [email protected]. Mahalo and have a great summer!

Here is Caleb for some class t-shirt announcements.

[VIDEO] Class Shirt 

Attention, Freshmen! We have an exciting announcement for you!

It's time to choose the design for our Sophomore Year T-shirts, and we want your input! We believe in the power of your voice and want to ensure that the T-shirt design truly represents your class spirit.

To participate, simply scan the QR code on the screen using your smartphone. It will take you to the voting form, where you'll find three amazing T-shirt designs to choose from.

Take your time and consider which one best captures the essence of our class. Spread the word and encourage your fellow peers to join in the voting.The more voices we hear, the better the representation of our class.

Voting will be open until Thursday , so don't miss out on this opportunity. Once the voting period ends, we'll announce the winning design, which will be printed on your Sophomore Year T-shirts.

Let's make next year a memorable one and show off our class pride with a design that truly reflects who we are. Scan the QR code, cast your vote, and be a part of shaping our Sophomore Year!

Thank you for your participation, and let's make it a year to remember!



Attention Freshmen Class, there will be a Chromebook inspection happening today during your social studies periods. You must present the Chromebook and Charger you were assigned, if not, they will be reported as missing. If you are returning to Hilo High School next school year, you may hold on to it over the summer. However, if you are not, please return your Chromebook at that time to your teacher. If you missed the inspection or if you had social studies yesterday and did not do the inspection, please go to C-215 afterschool this week until 3:30 PM to complete your inspection. Failure to complete the inspection will result in a missing status on your Chromebook and charger and you will be charged a financial obligation.

Sophomores and Juniors who have checked out a chromebook and/or a mobile hotspot this year, this announcement is for you. Please return all technology provisions by this Friday. Collection will be every day at C-215 afterschool to 3:30 PM. If you are attending summer school, have your counselor reach out to us to extend your contract.


KVIKS Media members, your Hilo High School Blue Polo and Jackets are up for inspection. All members must come to C-117 to have the inspection performed by an officer or advisor by this Thursday.


Department Awards

Hey Vikings, if you received an invitation please report to your period 7 class before going to the patio.

Thank you!

Host: Here is Erin for some lunar announcements.

[VIDEO] Lunar and Meteorite Sample

Hey Vikings! On Wednesday, May 24th, we will be having a Lunar and Meteorite Sample Presentation in A-2 during 6th period. If you are interested in learning about these samples and hearing a presentation from an astronomer, pick up a pass from room A-2.

HOST: Here is today's - menu. 

For Wiki: Cinnamon Roll, Fresh Fruit, and Diced Pears

For Lunch: Hamburger Curry, Steamed Rice, Corn or Broccoli, Fruit Slushie, and Fresh Fruit or a Whole Grain Roll

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