08/09/2023 KVIKS News Bulletin




Welcome back Vikings! This is your K-V-I-K-S News Bulletin for Wednesday, August 9th, 2023. I’m Kayla Imai. The periods today are 2, 4, and 6.

Welcome to the Freshmen Class of 2027! The results of your Class Colors and Mascot are in! We now go to Neah for the latest!


Attention Freshmen! Our class colors are… the red and silver cobras!

interested in running for class council? Come to Masuhara's room, A-16, during lunch or recess to pick up an election packet if you haven't already, and be sure to get it turned in by this Friday, August 11th to Masuhara's room. This is a great opportunity for you to provide a great service to your school and have some amazing experiences, so don't miss out!


Thank you Neah!

Academy of Construction:

Hello ACE Students! Join us on Aug 14th for an ACE meeting in the Auditorium during STARS.

"ACE is the place for my future." - Building My Successful Future Starts NOW!


Want to join homecoming court? Show your school spirit! Get a packet from Masuhara's room, A-16. Submit by Friday, August 11th. Don't miss this exciting activity to showcase your Viking spirit!



4 students attended the National Teen Health and Traffic Safety conference in Wichita, Kansas, bringing home Silver awards for national Safety project of the year and national group of the year. A standout student, La'ikuwai Yamanoha, tied for National student of the year award, alongside an Illinois student. Congratulations, La'i! Great job to the AVID program and all contributors for this remarkable achievement!


Student Credit Union:

Attention Student Credit Union Members! Our first SLC Meeting is on Monday, August 14th. Interested in joining? Don't miss out! It's an excellent way to boost financial literacy and serve your community early on. See you at the meeting!


Career and College Course:

Hey Vikings! Welcome back! Volunteer opportunity: Help with ECGs for UH Hilo Athletes. Sign up via QR code for August 13th or 27th, 7:15am - 11:45am. No experience needed. Join in to learn and meet new people. Contact Mrs. Frias in N-103 for questions.


HOST: Here is today's - menu. 

For Wiki: Breakfast Pizza, Fresh Fruit and Pineapple Chunks

For Lunch: Sloppy Joe with Tater Tots, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Sliced Peaches, and Fresh Fruit


Donʻt forget to have your ID on you for easy check out! 

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Thank you Clara! Now you might wonder, who’s in charge of making Bulletin, broadcasting live events, and doing all this cool website management? Well, it’s KVIKS Media, of course! KVIKS Media is a part of the school’s Technology Department and has a chartered club for us students to join and do exciting things on campus. KVIKS Media introduces students to video and studio production by means of the KVIKS News Bulletin. We also provide Audio/Video Services for Rallies and Special Events such as Freshman Only Day, we broadcast special events and athletic Competitions. We create things such as banners, take pictures, manage the website, social media, and mobile app, as well as work with industry partners such as PBS Hawaii and Na Leo TV. 


KVIKS Media offers excellent opportunities and experiences for students such as you and me! Interested in joining? Go to kviks.org and fill out the contact survey, better yet, come and visit us in C-117! We are looking for committed members who are available to come to our live streams, events and other activities. It’s an amazing club and I hope you consider joining! 


Before we go, we would like you to become familiar with the school bells. The morning bell sounds like this: (play audio sample), this indicates that you should report to your first class of the day. The tardy bell, which sounds like this: (play sample) will signal that you are tardy and must receive a tardy slip from the office. At the end of the period, recess and lunch, the bell sounds like this. (play sample) At the end of the day, this bell will ring (play sample), which means the school day is over. If you hear the following bell, that signals the end of a safety drill. (play sample)


Got it? I am sure you will be used to the sounds of the bells. If you want to know the latest bell schedule, be sure to check out the school website, hilohigh.org.