8/17/2023 KVIKS News Bulletin #mauistrong



Good morning Vikings, today’s date is Thursday, August 17, 2023, the periods today are 1-3-5-7. Today, during lunch, please come to the patio for a showcase of our school clubs! Maybe you want to join! Today’s menu is French Toast Sticks for Wiki and Spaghetti for lunch. And now. Please give your attention for a special presentation.

Maui Presentation


On August 8th, 2023, dry conditions sparked multiple wildfires in Maui and rapidly spread with the aid of hurricane-strength winds. One of these fires was sparked near the historical town of Lahaina. In only a matter of hours, this fire decimated the town, ravaging thousands of homes and businesses with no time to react. It has destroyed historical landmarks critical to our island’s history, culture, and identity, and upended the lives of the town’s 13,000 residents. It has killed over a hundred people and become the deadliest wildfire the U.S has seen in over a century, and is perhaps the worst disaster in our State’s history. 




In the aftermath of the fires, these stories are pouring out of Lahaina and all areas of Maui. And no matter whether you have a deep connection with the people there, or if you feel indifferent because you aren’t affected by it personally, this is something ALL of us need to pay attention to. This isn’t an abstract disaster far from home. This is HERE in our islands, with people just like us: students, faculty, staff, parents, guardians, who have lost their home, their work, their school. Just imagine the feeling of loss, of the pain of having everything you know and love taken from you all in an instant, and having no idea where to go. This is one of the greatest disasters Hawaii has ever faced in its history. And we can’t allow ourselves to sit idle as our people struggle to pick up the pieces. It’s time for us to do something.
How to Help
We can help through several donation drives that are open to any and all donations.Here are some of the drives: The Hilo High Drive, which is located in the student activities room, A-16, until the end of this week. They are accepting hygiene bags, bags for students affected by the fires, and gift cards. There’s the Hawaii Youth Commision Drive at the Waiakea High Student Parking Lot, where you can donate large items and is open on August 19th from 8 AM to 12PM. The Red Cross is accepting monetary donations to support their aid efforts. 
All volunteer work and donations are welcome and encouraged to help, whether it be now, or in the future. Horrible events like these are when we need to band together and help our community, not be against them. We as a community need to stay strong and persevere through the hardships and give our helping hands to those in times of suffering, loss, grief and anger.
Because you can take away people’s homes and livelihoods, but you can NEVER take our aloha, and our love for each other. You cannot take our sense of responsibility for our people and communities no matter what. This is what is going to help pick up the pieces from this horrible tragedy, and what will help people heal. And that is why it is so important that we at Hilo High step up now and into the future to show our support in this difficult time. 


Other Announcements


HOST: Here is today's - menu. 

For Wiki: French Toast Sticks, Unsweetened Applesauce, and Fresh Fruit

For Lunch: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Green Salad, and Whole Grain Roll

Underclassmen Picture Taking

Aloha Vikings! It is time to plan for picture day. Please remember the dress code for your picture on August 22 or 23. Reed Takaaze Photography Studio will be on campus to take our portrait pictures for the yearbook. You will be taking your picture in your English class on Tuesday or Wednesday. Order forms for picture packages will be given to you in ELA. Credit card purchases will only be handled through Reed Takaaze's website. Please remember to smile for the camera! Mahalo, Mrs. Mant.

ASVAB Registration

All 10th-12th graders, this years first ASVAB administration is on Tuesday, September 12th, 2023. The test will be administered in C-215 and will start promptly at 8:10 AM. If you are planning on joining the military post-high school, you will need to take the ASVAB. Email Ms. Arquero at [email protected] to reserve your spot. Due to COVID-19, the number of test-takers per session have been reduced to 30. C-215 will be closed all morning on Tuesday, September 12th, 2023 to accommodate the test.

KVIKS will be back after these messages



Freshmen class council

Hey freshmen, it’s time to announce your class council for this year! 

As president, we have Molli Liu, as vice president, we have Mayo Nakajima, secretary Kayden Brigoli Valdez, and treasurer Sarina Lam. Congratulations to your newly elected officers and we hope you serve your class well!

Senior Portrait

Aloha Seniors! Have you made an appointment to get your senior portrait done? Have you emailed Mrs. Mant your Baby picture? Have you submitted a senior quote? Are you considering buying a senior Ad page with your friends? Please get it done as deadlines are quickly approaching. We want to celebrate you phoenixes and have a fantastic yearbook, so lets go Viks!! If you have questions or are having issues with your photographer, please email Mrs. Mant ASAP at [email protected] Mahalo!

Volunteering For The East Hawaii Health Clinic and HMSA

Aloha, Vikings! Welcome back! The school year has just begun, and we already have a new volunteer experience available for you! The East Hawaii Health Clinic and HMSA are teaming up to provide Electro Cardiograms (or ECGs) to all UH Hilo Athletes in the month of August, and are looking for volunteers. Scan the QR code on the flyer to sign up as a volunteer for Sunday August 27th from 7:15am - 11:45am on both days. No prior knowledge is necessary, so if you're interested in gaining some hands-on experience in Health Care or would just enjoy meeting people and learning something new, you should sign up! All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to join in! Please see Mrs. Frias in N-103 if you have any questions.

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