ID Card Reminders in the Lunch line

Hello students, this is a reminder that students should have a Hilo High School Identification Card on their person at all times while on campus and while attending school functions.
The Student ID Card is used for verification of student identity, school meal accounts, the HERO system, the library system, and other various purposes. This includes purchasing meals at recess or lunch.
Here are the detailed steps to receiving school meals:
1) Have your ID ready, preferably hanging on your lanyard around your neck, from a clip, or unobstructed in your hand.
2) Stand and move attentively through the service lines. Line cutting, horseplay, and saving spots for others are against school rules, and's just not cool to do that.
3) Receive your meal & include milk.
4) Thank our cafeteria staff and smile.
5) Present your unobstructed Student ID Card at the point of sale cashier to complete your lunch sale.
The barcode on your card will be scanned and the cashier will verify that you are in fact the person pictured on the ID Card. Not having your ID card causes unnecessary delays at the service lines. New and Replacement Student IDs are currently free of charge to all students, although replacement fees may be applied later in the school year. Please go to the main office during morning or lunch recess to obtain a Student ID card if you don't already have one.
When you are hungry, it's important to know, Have your ID ready, so the lines aren't so slow!