Vikings at the 2024 Secondary Student Conference

Also, our newly retired teacher, Mrs. Masuhara was recognized as a special guest of Representative Richard Onishi today for her contributions and efforts made throughout her years at Hilo High School. Since it is public record, anyone can look up today's meeting records and see our students, and Mrs. Masuhara being recognized as guests in the chambers.
Students from around the state learned about and participated in the legislative process this week at the Hawaii State Capitol.
Top left photo: students with Mark Nakashima
top right: Superintendent Keith Hayashi, Assistant Superintendent Teri Ushijima. and Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke.
Middle (next to viking helmet): Students with Richard Onishi
Bottom left: Students at the front of the capital.
Bottom Middle: Mayo Nakashima and Mariella Wasserman with Sen. Inouye
Bottom Right: Students posing in the Lt. Gov. office. 
Students also met with Rep. Chris Todd and Jeanne Kapela