GET REAL Reality Fair

What is a Reality Fair?
Well, a reality fair is a fun activity where you can simulate all the events you may encounter in life, like having kids, having to save money, and so many other parts of adulthood! A Reality Fair helps you learn how to manage money and make REAL WORLD FINANCIAL DECISIONS!

Sounds cool?
Hilo High will be having its very own Reality Fair Sponsored by the HAWAII COMMUNITY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION and our very own Student Credit Union on Thursday, March 7, 2024, for all Hilo High Seniors! If you can complete all the “tasks” at our fair, you can even win some cool prizes, including 100 DOLLARS!!

Your special guest in class will be giving you the permission forms if you want to go, so be sure to fill them out and turn them into your teacher or to A-16 before March 6th!

This is a super awesome opportunity, seniors! Be sure to take advantage of this Reality Fair to learn ALL ABOUT how to manage your money and prepare for the real world!