Reminder to Submit Annual Forms - 2017


  1. Student Emergency Card - All students should have this on file.  Originals are kept at the school health room and will be used for contacting authorized individuals in case of emergencies.
  2. Receipt of the Parent Handbook - This form was green this year and confirms that the annual Parent Handbook was received and reviewed with all students and parents.
  3. Civil Defense Emergency Form - This form was pink for the school year and instructs the school on how to release students in the event of a Civil Defense Emergency.
  4. Technology Responsible Use Form - This form is located in the "Parent Notification Student Information Privacy Documents and Forms" Booklet, on page 27.  The T.R.U.G. ensures parents and students are aware of and agree to the rules and regulations of the Department of Education's Technology Responsible Use Guidelines.  This form is MANDATORY, and is required of all students who wish to access school technology devices on campus.
  5. Student Publication/Audio/Video Release Form - This form was sent home twice this school year.  The first was sent home copied on bold blue paper.  The second form is page 25 of the Parent Notification Booklet.
  6. Questionnaire to Determine Eligibility MV1 - This form was copied on yellow paper and requests information pertinent to the Mckinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.

There are other forms that are available in the Parent Notification Booklet, including the military recruiter and institute of higher learning opt-out forms.  Bus riders should have completed an application by now, forms are available at the main office.  Applications for Meal Subsidy are available at the school office.

Thank you all, in advance, for your cooperation and assistance with getting these forms submitted.