Vikings Host Friends from Sumoto, Japan

The relationship between Sumoto and Hawaii Counties began in August 2000, by Sumoto Mayor Keiichi Nakagawa and Hawaii County Mayor Stephen Yamashiro.  Sumoto is famous for its Kobe beef, Naruto oranges, and Awaji onions.

Traveling with Sumoto County leaders this year are 12 high school students who are being hosted by Hilo High School’s Key Club members and their families.  Since the sister city relationship began in 2000, Key Club members’ families have hosted visiting students in their homes every year!

Sister cities are agreements between cities and counties in geographically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties, intended to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures.

Hilo High is dedicated to the focuses of our Department and Complex Area Leaders. Amongst them are "Ho’opili Kaiaulu – Bringing Together our Village”, and the value and appreciation to the spirit of "LOKAHI - being united for the same purpose".

Mahalo to all Hilo High students and families for being great hosts this week.  Last, but not least, a HUGE thank you, どうもありがとうございました, or Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita to the Hilo High School Key Club, for being such awesome hosts each and every year.  We look forward to many years of memories to come with our sister city ohana, and thank them for learning and sharing our local culture.

The slideshow below is a snapshot of the exciting adventures and memories we've made during this year's visit.  Enjoy & Aloha Sumoto Friends!

Click here for the full photo album.