Sonja Giardina Excels at International Science and Engineering Fair

Science is FUN, and we rely on the study of sciences throughout our everyday lives.

Hilo High School Sophomore, Sonja Giardina loves science!  After winning 1st place overall at The Hawaii District Science and Engineering Fair, [(which earned her an automatic invitation to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)], Sonja won a 3rd Place GRAND AWARD at ISEF in Pittsburgh, PA!  

There were almost 1900 projects from 82 countries - truly the best of the best of the best in the world for high school science projects.  Receiving a 3rd place GRAND AWARD in Animal Sciences is very prestigious and comes with a $1000 award! 

Sonja's project title was "Effect of Fragmentation, Isolation and Bleaching on Coral Reef Fish Assemblages".  She studied small bleached coral islands at Beach 69 in Kona and looked at fish diversity/abundance around those islands to better understand how we can support the regrowth of coral reef systems quickly and efficiently.  It was a totally awesome project and we are extremely proud of her many accomplishments!  #hhsVikingPride

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