Theme for SY 20-21: Vikings Strong Together, Loyalty and Honor Forever

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Virtual Drivers Ed Program Sign Up (January - February, 2021)

Tentative dates: Mandatory Parent & Student Meeting: January 21, 2021, classes: January 25, 2021 - February 18, 2021, BTW: TBD. By completing this form, you will be placed on a waitlist for upcoming Driver Education classes at Hilo High School. Classes are currently being held virtually with a maximum number of participants of 14. In-person classes may resume once students are back on campus. Computer and WiFi connectivity are necessary, as well as a working camera and microphone.
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Night Marchers: A Zoom Performance

A group of local campers are confronted by the Night Marchers, ancient Hawaiian spirits who walk the night. Students from Mrs. Seaquist's Acting Class prepared this spooky Halloween special, all through Zoom!
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August 28. 2020 - PALC Virtual Orientation

This semester, we are offering a distance learning curriculum in Acting, Music, Technical Theatre, and Play Writing. Our goal is to produce a virtual New Playwrights Festival in December. This is a project we have done annually for 23 years. It's exciting new territory to have our students write and perform for a virtual stage!
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