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Official Logo Usage

Want to use the official logo for a student project, t-shirt, banner, etc.? Submit a request to Most requests are accepted.

The Hilo High School mark (helmet) and official logo is copyrighted and subject to the following terms:
  • Only those authorized may use the logo on digital or printed works.
  • Hilo High School has the right to deny/revoke applications with or without cause at anytime or warning.
  • We reserve the right to request unauthorized users to cease and desist.
  • Authorized users are not allowed to modify or distort the logo.
    • Modifying includes changing the colors of the actual logo from the original white, black, royal blue, athletic gold or full color logo.
  • Opacity changes are allowed on only single color logos. (Watermarks)
  • The full color logo must be used exactly as shown.
  • The logo must be all the same color with the exception of the full color logo.
  • The full color logo must not have its colors swapped.
  • The logo may be placed on any color/gradient background.
  • Be aware that works that use the official logo may indirectly identify the work with the Hilo High brand. Use on slanderous or inappropriate works is strictly prohibited.
The Hilo High School logo identifies affiliation with Hilo High School. Anything it is used on is subject to our rules and guidelines for branding.

Official School Colors

 Official Colors
Royal Blue: #0d4c92
Athletic Gold: #fcb427