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Resources for Class Reunions

Welcome Home Vikings! Although Hilo High School does not directly organize class reunions, we do play host to many of them! On this page, you can find out the details needed to reserve Hilo High School facilities and custodians, as well as other necessary items and services for your class reunion.
DISCLAIMER: Your class is responsible for organizing your own class reunion. This page and checklist is for requesting the use of Hilo High School facilities and other services.
Step 1: Determine What You Need
  1. Class Reunion Chair: We will need the chair's name, email and phone number.
  2. Date of Reunion: Have a date in mind, but also find back up dates in case our facilities do not align.
  3. Facilities: Common used facilities include the patio, auditorium, pool, cafeteria, old gym and new gym.
  4. Outside Vendors: Will there be outside vendors operating at your reunion? This includes food trucks, inflatables, etc.
  5. Other Hilo High School Services: Our school can print banners and sell merchandise for your class.
Step 2: Complete the Necessary Forms
  1. Download the Use of Facilities Form