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Communications is responsible for keeping our community up to date with the latest news coming from our school. We use a variety of outlets such as this website, the Hilo High Vikings App, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
To help us produce relatable and interactive content, the school sponsors a charted program called KVIKS TV. KVIKS TV is a collaboration between Communications and students in Broadcast/Digital Media and Directed Studies CTE programs. Students can also join the chartered club to participate in media activities such as producing a daily morning show called the KVIKS Morning Bulletin and live stream events.
KVIKS TV has a sub-program called KVIKS AV. KVIKS AV operates the A/V equipment for events and presentations. KVIKS AV officially consists of students in the HHS Student Associations A/V Committee.
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News Media

Contact the main office directly by calling (808) 313-5509 to request information for your news organization. The Principal is the only person authorized to give official statements and updates. The Hilo High Communications Department posts information at the discretion of the Hilo High School Administration.

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