Fine Arts

Fine Arts are split into 4 categories. These are Visual Arts, Drama and Theater, Dance Education, and Music. These arts allow people students to dive into their passion.
Visual Arts
The Visual Arts class can allow your child to express their passion for any form of visual art.
General Art helps students explore a variety of media and techniques for personal expression. Ceramics teaches basic hand-building skills and finishing techniques to apply to clay projects. Photography teachers composition, exposure, lighting, and editing techniques. Computer Art introduces students to Photoshop and Lightroom and how to create or manipulate images. Drawing and Painting gives students an opportunity to practice a variety of skills and experiment with a wide range of 2D materials.
Drama and Theater
In Acting class, students are taught basic techniques of movement, character, and voice, practicing these techniques through dramatizations and improvisations. Other courses such as Explorations in Drama, emphasis is on developing students' ability to express themselves freely and gain insight ito a broad spectrum of theatre through study of various phases of play production.
Hilo High School offers an afterschool performing arts program, PALC, during the school year. Students earn semester credits in Theater Arts, Theater Crafts, or Play Production. Click here for more information.
Dance Education
Hilo High School offers both Creative and Hawaiian Dance. Dance is the language of movement.
In Creative Dance, students will learn, communicate and perform various elements of dance. Hawaiian Dance teaches the historical, cultural and expressive significance of hula. The course will cover hula basics such as protocol, basic feet and hand gestures and positioning. Students will also learn about costume and lei making.
From singing to playing musical instruments, students have opportunities to learn and practice a variety of skills.
In Chorus, students acquire basic performance skills in singing and learn basic music theory. In Guitar, students will learn guitar performance skills within a variety of music styles including classical, folk & pop, and slack key. Ukulele is an introductory course to develop skills in ukulele playing. Piano focuses on beginner, intermediate and advanced piano technique. Orchestra teaches string instruments such as violin, viola, cello or string bass. Finally, the Hilo High Viking Band uses Introductory Band and Band 1 - 4 to play an instrument, perform for concerts, play at athletic events, special events and parade marching.