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About the Hero Store

Hilo High School students can use their hero points to purchase goods such as snacks, backpacks, school supplies, shoes, slippers, face masks and more!

Link to HHS Hero Store:



Go to: https://hhs-hero.square.site/ to get started! When you check out, be sure to use your @viking.k12.hi.us email account. Click here to see a tutorial on how to shop at the online HHS Hero store.
The Hero store is only available to students of Hilo High School.
Each item is listed as $0.00, but if you click on the item, you will see the hero points price of the item in the description.
When you check out, you will see when the next pick up day is so that you can drive through and pick up your hero store items.
Are you worried that if you spend these points that you won’t have enough to qualify for events in the future? Don’t worry! Event qualifications only look at the total amount of points you have EARNED, not what you currently have in your account. So spend those hero points Vikings!
As a reminder, each student starts with 30 hero points, so you can purchase something today!

How to Check Hero Points Balance

If you want to check out your hero points balance, you can use the herok12 Student app. Don't have an account to check yet? Click here to read more information on how to set up an account. If you did not receive your local student ID number or unique activation key, please contact the Hilo High School Technology Kokua Desk at: (808) 313-5623