Hilo High Student Association

Student activities here at Hilo High School falls under the direction of the HHS Student Association. Focused on planning student events and supporting student-led clubs and programs, the HHS SA promotes Viking Pride and Leadership. SA plans lunch spirit rallies, special school assemblies (LOTs) and socials, on or off campus.

Class Competition

While it is great to exhibit Viking Pride as individual students, it is of equal importance to showcase your excellence as an entire class. Students will work side by side with their classmates in the classrooms, on athletic teams, and on many other projects throughout their years in high school. Classes will be awarded HPs based on competitions such as spirit cheers and participation in student dress up days. As a reward, each student participating in school-wide initiatives and student activities are rewarded with Hero Points. The class with the most accumulated Class Hero Points (CHPs) will be honored with “The Viking Sword”! For the 2016-2017 School Year, winning the Viking Sword will include an end of the year surprise to be announced at a later time.

The Hilo High School Student Association has made a commitment to the following:

Inclusiveness: All students should be involved in all facets of our school.

Student-led and Student- run: Students, with the guidance of their advisors, will decide which activities they will implement. They will all work together as a team to insure success.

Design-thinking: Students will learn the skills to insure that they understand what needs to be done, how it should be done and who should do it all. They will evaluate their concerns and select projects which address issues which they would like improved or changed.

Recognition: Students will develop a program which will recognize our students both in and out of the classroom. Leadership development: Students have developed a system of Class and SA leadership which includes a wider group of students to increase leadership opportunities.

In order to do some or all of this, Hilo High Student Association has executive officers and a leadership team of 11 students who represent a cross section of the student body. Each class has executive officers, class representatives and a representative from each of their grade level STARS advisory classes.

SA Coordinator
Charlene Masuhara