KVIKS Media is a chartered student-led organization under the direction of the Hilo High School Technology and Communications Department. KVIKS Media serves a vital role for Hilo High School by producing the daily morning bulletin, maintaining the website and social media pages, producing banners, operating audio/video equipment, assisting with technology support and live broadcasting. Skills taught at KVIKS Media range from leadership, business, technology, digital media, broadcast media, digital design and physical design.
Who are the Advisors?

The advisors come from the Hilo High School Technology and Communications department. These advisors are deeply knowledgeable and involved and will provide the best guidance for KVIKS Media leadership and members.\

How is KVIKS Media organized?
Advisors keep an eye on requests and ways on improving the brand of Hilo High School. As assignments come in, they are delegated to a the specific department of interest. From there, it can be delegated even further to a specialized team of members who can perform the task within the department. Students who are not part of a specialized team can declare their interest in a specific department of KVIKS Media and learn valuable skills and practice/refine their skills to be of better use for specialized teams. The skills that students learn from KVIKS Media can be applied to their schoolwork, and personal hobbies.

KVIKS Media Departments
There are 9 departments in KVIKS Media. These departments exist to perform specific tasks within their area of interest. Departments were formed in order to provide a simplified and delegated organizational structure. Trust is placed in student leaders to be able to effectively train and coordinate students who are part of specialized teams or those who are interested in skills offered by the department. Students are encouraged to select multiple areas of interest so that they are not exclusive to just one single department. We want our KVIKS Media students to have a variety of skills and knowledge and participate in as many things as possible.
  • Administrative
  • Audio/Video
  • Broadcasting
  • Creative
  • Interactive
  • News
  • Photography
  • Studios
  • Tech
Interested in Joining?
See a KVIKS Media Club Officer in C-117 afterschool.
KVIKS Media Officers for SY 22-23