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Our mission here at the Hilo High School Library is to support the academic programs of Hilo High School.  Here are some things you should know about using your high school library.

Library hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. To better accommodate our students, earlier opening time began in August 2017. Before opening, librarian performs daily routine tasks to prep the facility for the day.

Please contact the librarian at any time. Click on Staff in the sidebar for contact information.

Student ID Cards

Cost is $1 each. Only the first I.D. and lanyard is free to new students. Students can obtain a replacement card even without $1 as this will then become a library obligation. A tardy student with no I.D. will be sent to the library for a replacement I.D. before returning to the office for the tardy pass that enables entry into the classroom.

Library Rules

Along with promoting a calm and quiet environment for study and reading, we also encourage students to care for and respect the library and those who use it.

Students are welcome during class time. Student must present a note from the teacher AND the student I.D. in order to remain in the library.

Therefore please:

  1. Use a quiet voice and appropriate language.
  2. Refrain from eating and drinking in the library.  
    • Food and drink may be left at the front desk as you enter.
  3. Do not put your feet on furniture, tilt the chairs, or sit on tables.
  4. No yelling, running, or playing around.
  5. If you want to use the library during class time, you will need a library pass from your teacher and your school ID.  ID replacements may be obtained at the library.
  6. The library is a designated "Personal Tech Zone" therefore, all personal device usage is at the discretion of the librarian.

Students who do not follow these rules may be asked to leave.

Borrowing Policy

Library Books
You must have your school ID in order to check out library books.
  1. You may have up to five books checked out to you at a time.
  2. Books can be borrowed for up to three weeks.
  3. Books can be renewed for another three weeks if no one has placed a hold on the book.
  4. Please return books in the book slot at the front counter.  Do not re-shelve books you borrowed.


  1. All textbooks can be borrowed at the library.  
    • Your teacher may bring your class down to borrow textbooks, or they may require you to pick up the textbook on your own time.
  2. Textbooks are on loan for the entire year and due no later than the last day of school.  
    • SENIORS:  Your textbooks are due before your commencement!
    • Students will be required to fill out a textbook contract for each textbook borrowed.


Students are required to clear their obligations in order to participate in school activities. This requirement is sanctioned by tthe Hawaii DOE and Hawaii Revised Statues.
Chapter 57: HRS 8-57-1:
Restitution for Lost and Damaged Books, Equipment, Supplies, and Outstanding Financial Obligations
The Department is responsible for providing students with appropriate instructional materials. When students do not return the loaned materials and resources, other students are deprived of these materials and the department is expected to purchase replacement copies. Chapter 57 requires that students be responsible for paying required fees and for restitution of school property that is lost through their negligence. It further allows consequences for students who do not make restitution or pay required fees. Schools have had varying degrees of success in collecting money from students for lost books, equipment, supplies, and outstanding financial obligations. While this Chapter allows schools to restrict students from participating in athletics and co-curricular activities if they have outstanding financial obligations, the following guidelines are provided to aid schools in applying these restrictions with consistency. Statewide application of these guidelines will ensure that students are treated with fairness and equity when it is found that they are responsible for the loss, destruction, breakage, or damage of school books, equipment, and supplies, including library and assigned textbooks; digital devices and non-payment of fees.

Students with obligations are regularly notified via notices, e-mails/phone calls to parents, and letters to the home. Students and parents are encouraged to contact the librarian, who is flexible and assists in a variety of ways to assure a favorable outcome, including issuing refunds.