Performing Arts Learning Center (PALC)

The Performing Arts Learning Center (PALC) is the only learning center on the island, and is dedicated to teaching Hawai'i's youth about all things theatre related. Be it acting, singing, dancing, theatre tech, stage management, and more. We are an after school program by which you could earn a 0.5 credit per semester. We typically perform two shows a year, and go by semester basis. Semester one (1) a performance is put on, directed by our very own Ms. Sarah Williamson. Semester two is a musical, directed by Ms. Sarah Williamson and Mr. Chris Tomich.
The Performing Arts Learning Center was founded in 1987 on the Hilo HS campus. Housed in an historic 700 seat auditorium built in 1927, PALC was developed as a magnet program for students interested in Theatre Arts. PALC accepts students in grades 7-12 who attend any public or charter school on the Big Island.

The PALC curriculum trains students in acting, dance, vocal performance, and technical theatre. We support social development and diversity through creative collaboration. Our students are able to access the latest technology and techniques of theatrical production. Many of our students go on to careers in the arts.
Interested in Joining?
Contact Sarah Williamson in the Auditorium (B-208)