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Resources for Anxiety

Resources to Help Manage Anxiety

This mindfulness app supplies guided meditations that users can do whenever and wherever it’s convenient.
Calm provides mindful meditation exercises that can be done in multi-day series that help with focus, anxiety relief, stress management and more.
With its 10-minute per day meditation exercises, Headspace is a great tool for meditation beginners.
Omvana combines sound tracks, music and guided meditation sessions to give users a customizable meditation experience.
Fragrant Heart provides free audio meditations for specific people and circumstances. For instance, there are series of meditations for children, healing, yoga and relaxation.
This site contains tons of guided meditation audios that are updated regularly, so users don’t have to worry about wearing tired of their same routines.
This podcast offers guided meditations paired with binaural beats, which are thought to affect brain waves and promote relaxation.
Students can quickly and easily access different yoga routines every day, complete with videos and music. The app also allows users to track and share their progress.
This app can help students get out of bed and get their days started right. The app give quick routines that can be done in bed to help users go from sleepy to ready for class.
Tai Chi focuses very much on the act of feeling, so having an app that merely tells you what to do can seem counterintuitive. This app, however, uses motion sensor technology to help students learn tai chi.