Athletic Director
Daniel Lyons

Viking Athletics Commitment and Goal

Our Hilo High Vikings Athletic Department is committed to developing student-athletes. By encouraging competitiveness on the foundation of preparation, determination, and diligence, it’s our Viking belief that athletic success will follow.  We want our student-athletes to gain an appreciation for hard-work, take pride in their academic responsibilities, develop good character, and treat people well.
By striving for excellence on and off of the field of play, we can reach our Viking athletics’ goal for our student-athletes to leave Hilo High better people than when they arrived, armed with a strong individual foundation to positively impact their community and be successful in their lives.
The Hilo High School athletics department is committed to providing our Viking student-athletes with the best high school athletics experience we can. In striving to reach our athletic department’s goal, we must commit ourselves to the following:
  • Possess and express selflessness WE > me
  • Believing in Together. Everyone. Achieves. More.
  • Being devoted to something greater than oneself

  • Hold dear the privilege of representing Hilo High School, your community, your family and yourself
  • Always protect your team, your entire program, and your school
  • Focused, steady, and deliberate effort toward achieving your goal(s)
  • Taking time to listen and understand someone else’s point of view
  • Being thoughtful in your words and actions toward others
  • Having the courage to accept responsibility and own up to your actions, especially when others are counting on you 
  • Obeying rules and following directions
  • Doing what you’re supposed to, when and how you’re supposed to do it
  • Having a strong mind to overcome hardship and adversity 
  • The development of ability gained through repetition, training and experience
  • Being comfortable in one’s own-self and carrying yourself as such
  • Being confident in the preparation that you put in for competition
  • The process of success does not include a scoreboard. Play with the tenacity of a Hilo High Viking, control what you can, pay attention to details, perform to the best of your ability and humbly accept the outcome