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Purchase GoFan Tickets


Have you been wondering how to purchase tickets for Hilo High School’s sports games? Well, Hilo High School game tickets can now be purchased online! 
To purchase tickets, go to the website, then type ‘Hilo High School’ into the search bar. There, you will find all the upcoming games. Select the game you want to get a ticket for, and there is no limit to how many tickets you can purchase. You can even purchase tickets for different games, instead of buying them one by one! 
Once you buy your tickets online, you’ll notice the gray text that reads “your phone IS your ticket” What this means is.. Your phone IS your ticket! To get into the games, your phone will allow you entry into the game after you buy tickets! So don’t forget to bring your phone, and not just for the photos!
Cash will no longer be accepted or collected at the door, so don’t forget to buy tickets, especially in advance. Pre-order tickets for easier access, so you don’t have to stress about missing the game!
Although you can’t bring cash, credit card consoles might be available to purchase tickets on site if you forget to purchase tickets in advance. 

STUDENTS! Bring your athletic card and a valid ID, such as your school or state ID, and you’ll get free entry into the

Now that you know how to get your tickets online, there’s one more important thing to bring: Your Viking Spirit! If you have that, you’re ready for the games! Good Luck Vikings!