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Handbook » Contraband


CONTRABAND” means a property, other than which is unlawful to produce or possess, which, as defined by local school rules, is prohibited on school premises has in the past lead to bodily injury or disruption of school operations.

Contraband items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Use of skateboards, roller blades, roller skates
  2. Use of bluetooth and/or portable speakers (wired or wireless), video games, mp3 players (i.e. iPod’s), Cell phones, tablets (if used at unauthorized time & outside of authorized areas, i.e., designated classrooms.)
  3. Metal chains, heavy neck chains, studded wristbands, all bandanas
  4. Playing cards and dice
  5. Sunflower seeds, shelled snacks and / or any food item that causes a difficult clean up, Betel Nuts
  6. Pornographic materials - Pictures or the like of inappropriately dressed people
  7. Pictures of drugs, violence, alcohol, or other inappropriate references
  8. Matches, lighters, Electronic Cigarettes, Cigarettes, tobacco products, or any accessories related to electronic smoking devices.
  9. Laser pointers, pocket knives, spray paint, ammunition cans, gambling paraphernalia, animals, inappropriate reading materials, dangerous instruments, weapons, “look a like” guns or weapons.
  10. Any other devices/items deemed by school officials as inappropriate, or having potential to cause injury to self or others, or potential to disrupt school climate.

NOTE:  Any contraband item will be confiscated and/or destroyed.

Special note to ALL SENIORS:  Commencement Exercises

During the 4th quarter of the senior year, any Class A or B Offense or multiple Class C & D Offenses incurred by a SENIOR will result in the removal of specific privileges.  Examples: participation in senior class activities, participation in commencement exercises, i.e., walking-the-line, etc.

First and foremost, commencement exercise is a privilege. Seniors shall be permitted to participate in commencement exercises if they: (1) meet the requirements for a diploma or a certificate; (2) have fulfilled their financial obligations; and (3) meet other conditions, established by the Department of Education, which meet the standards of clarity, * reasonableness, and justifiability. (Reference: BOE Policy 4540.3.a & c)

* In order to preserve the dignity of the commencement exercises, the principal may revoke a senior’s privilege of participating in the commencement exercise after determining that a Chapter 19 offense was committed by the senior during the 4th quarter of the school year, as follows:

  1. Class A or B offense
    1. First offense during the fourth quarter: revocation of privilege
  2. Class C or D offense
    1. First offense during the fourth quarter: warning that the privilege will be revoked if a second    offense is committed.
    2. Second offense during the fourth quarter: revocation of the privilege.


All penalties denoted herein are in addition to the general Hilo High School Discipline Plan and any other legal consequences for such actions, and shall pertain to all interscholastic athletics. Refer to updated version of “Vikings Athletic Handbook” for more information.

A dismissal from school renders a student ineligible to participate in athletics for a period not longer than one (1) full calendar year from the date of infraction.
"School disciplinary action," as used herein, refers to administrative action that results in a student's suspension, detention/ISS, or dismissal from school.
Students serving a suspension (excluding detention) will not be allowed to participate in any manner until the administrative suspension is completed.
Students on athletic suspension from participating in contests may be allowed to participate in only non-contest activities (practices, meetings, etc.) during this time. Continued participation in pre-season, regular season, and/or post season contests is subject to the restrictions that follow.
Please refer to the Hilo High School Parent/Student Athletics Handbook for specific consequences relating to the offense.

Code of Conduct for Extra-Curricular Activities

Participation in the Hilo High School athletic program is a privilege that is available to all students who maintain the minimum academic requirements as determined by the policies of the Department of Education, State of Hawaii, and have met the participation requirements of the B.I.I.F & HHSAA. In addition, students who participate in such activities are chosen to represent their school in a variety of activities that are highly visible to the public and student bodies of their respective schools. These students are expected to foster and display high ethical and moral conduct, as well as maintain exemplary standards of behavior. Therefore, misconduct by an athlete on any school campus or in any athletic activity may necessitate that athlete's removal from participation in athletics according to the nature of the offense.