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Dress Standard

As a workplace readiness high school, it is expected that Hilo High students will dress to a reasonable standard of appropriateness.  A good rule of thumb is to dress for school as if the student were going for a job interview as an entry level employee.  Expensive clothes are not necessary to meet this expectation; however, comfortable and modest clothes are necessary.

STUDENT DRESS: Your dress reflects the quality of the school, your conduct, your schoolwork, and prepares you for the workforce. All students are expected to dress and groom themselves neatly in clothes that are modest and suitable for school activities.  Dress that distracts to the point of interfering with the learning environment will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action.

Effective School Year 2016-2017, All Hilo High School students are expected to wear, visibly on their person, their school issued identification card.

In accordance with the Hilo High School Dress Standard, the following clothing items are considered inappropriate for school:

  • Shirt or Blouse that exposes the midriff/abdomen or is cut too low at the neckline/back
  • Shirt or blouse with thin (spaghetti) straps or any straps less than 1 inch, unless worn over an acceptable shirt or blouse
  • Tight, form-fitting clothes that are too revealing
  • Loose fitting clothes such as baggy pants, halters or tank tops that reveal underwear or torso
  • Shorts  and skirts which are too short
  • Clothes with graphics or text that promote alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, sex, violence, vulgarity
  • Any other clothing that is considered inappropriate by school officials
  • Students must not take off shirts to expose upper bodies except for during swimming, physical education and other authorized school activities
  • Head covering, i.e., caps, “hoodies”, visors and non-prescription dark/colored glasses must be removed in classrooms and instructional settings.

Violation of Dress Standards

All faculty and staff members are expected to teach, guide and train students about the importance of appropriate dress in various life situations. In cases where student dress is grossly unacceptable, a student will be asked to wear a school-provided T-shirt. Repeated violations of the dress standards, despite good faith efforts to educate the student, can result in parent/guardian contacts, detention and eventually suspension on the basis of Insubordination. Every effort will be made to explain, to the student and parent/guardian, why particular clothing is considered inappropriate for the school setting and how this relates to our students' success in gaining/keeping employment in the workplace. An acceptable replacement/cover up will be issued by administration (SSA) and documented in accordance to Chapter 19.

Hilo High School Dress Code Picture Reference

Students are expected to come to school appropriately attired and personally clean. Parents may be called to provide a change of clothing.  These guidelines apply:


Footwear will be worn on campus at all times.
Non-prescription dark glasses are not allowed in class or at prom/dance events.
Hats/caps may not be worn indoors.
Clothing and accessories that promote gangs (including but not limited to bandannas, doo-rags, style of dress), drugs, alcohol, racism, violence, sexism, profanity, or other symbol determined by the school are not permitted. 
Bikini tops, sports bras, camisoles, tube tops, strapless tops, and spaghetti straps are not to be worn.
Short skirts and short shorts are not to be worn.
Underwear should not be obviously visible.
Private body parts and the midriff are to be covered.