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Handbook » Furniture (Outdoor Benches & Tables) Policy

Furniture (Outdoor Benches & Tables) Policy

Tables and benches have been placed at various locations on the campus for the use and comfort of the students. As with all furniture here at the school, these outdoor furniture items belong to the State of Hawaii and therefore the property of Hilo High School. This outdoor furniture is subject to repairs, replacement and removal.

In regards to any malicious damage(s), i.e., graffiti, structural damage, etc.  found on said property, Chapter 19 (Student Misconduct and Discipline) will be applied against those students found to be responsible for the damage(s) found. Monetary restitution may also be levied against the violator(s). 

Note: If these outdoor benches and tables are determined to be used inappropriately and/or are creating an unsafe condition, they will be removed from use.